We Deliver Dust Free Animal Bedding (Shavings, Wood Chips, Hammer Mill Chips, Sawdust) to CO, NM & AZ

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Please complete our online credit application below and then press the "submit" button at the bottom of the page. Once we receive your application, processing can take up to five working days. We will keep you informed of where your application is in the process, via the email address used in the credit app below.

Credit Application Form

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Depending on the information supplied above, Wood Chips LLC / Shavings, may require a current financial statement in addition to the application to pomptly process your application. If you with, you may furnish the financial statement at this time.
All financial data provided will be treated with strict confidence.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Credit Application / Approval

The above is submitted to Wood Chips LLC credit department for consideration in establishing a line of credit in the name of applicatn (Buyer). If a credit line is Approved, please be advised that our terms of sale are Net 10 days from our invoice date. Your signature below acknowledges that you have read our terms and conditions statement included with this application.

It is understood that Wood Chips LLC (Seller) reserves the right to suspende further deliveries upon failure of the Buyer to make any paument pursuant to the terms of contract or any other agreement between the parties. If in the judgmen of Seller, Buyer's financial responsibility become impaired, Seller may feruse to deliver except for cash on delivery, or at Seller's option prepayment of the total price, and Seller may demand immediate payment in full for all articles previously delivered. A late charge of one and one half percent (1-1/2%) per month (but not in excess of the lawful maximum) may be imposed on all past due balances, prorated on a daily basis for each day that payment is due.

Applicant autorizes the release of all trade credit and bank references information supplied to Wood Chips LLC / Shavings, for the purpose of making a determination concerning credit privileges and agrees to hold all parties harmless of the release of credit information.



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