We Deliver Dust Free Animal Bedding (Shavings, Wood Chips, Hammer Mill Chips, Sawdust) to CO, NM & AZ

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Our Fleet Delivers Quality Animal Bedding (shavings, hammer mill chips, sawdust, wood chips) to CO, NM and AZ The Green Machine: You Could See This Truck Delivering Shavings To Your Business Stacks of Aspen & Pine Shavings Getting Ready For Delivery
We are a family owned and operated company founded in 1991. We started out as a bulk provider of animal bedding to the dairy industry as well as the equestrian market. Since then we have turned our attention to developing a premium bagged product suitable for all animals that require quality bedding material.
With our unique ability to blend byproducts from sawmill operations and our own milling process, specifically designed for bedding purposes, we have been able to deliver consistent quality along with meeting our customers delivery demands by establishing a reliable supply chain.
Today we have a 40000 sq ft warehouse and a fleet of trucks to support our customers from Arizona to Wyoming... We keep stock on hand and can deliver, even on a tight schedule...
So, no more waiting for the load of shavings to show up. If we're given an opportunity to provide you with our product and service we will be the last vendor you will need in order to keep your shelves full of salable product...

We Deliver Dust Free Animal Bedding to Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona

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