We Deliver Dust Free Animal Bedding (Shavings, Wood Chips, Hammer Mill Chips, Sawdust) to CO, NM & AZ

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WoodChips LLC, Your Animal Bedding Source

We are a local shavings supply company located in Longmont Colorado. Having started operations in 1991, we are one of the first companies to supply quality animal bedding. We believe our value proposition to you is clear and compelling...
We are looking to form long term, mutually beneficial, business relationships with our customers, and want to be the company you use for all of your animal bedding needs. We have the experience, and business model, to be able to offer you not only the right solution, but a solution at very competitive pricing.


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Stacks of Animal Bedding in Our Colorado Warehouse A Stack of Premium Dust Free Shavings, Sawdust Next to Them A Bag of Premium Shavings (Dust Free Animal Bedding) One of Our Customers Rodeo Horse Transport Trucks, Animal Bedding Inside A Pile of Dust Free Horse Bedding Our Horse Bedding in a Wells Fargo Transport Truck A Handfull of Quality Pine Shavings Used for Horse Bedding

Why Buy From Us?

We have a 40,000 square ft. warehouse located in Longmont, Colorado
We keep a minimum of 20 truck loads (480 pallets) of Animal Bedding ready to ship at all times
We own our own fleet of trucks which enables us to deliver our animal bedding product on demand, which offers our customers ultimate flexibility on exactly when they need product. We can arrange customer pickups at our warehouse or put freight out to bid, if those are services our customers need.
Our bags of animal bedding contain 8.4 cubic feet of shavings, which are made from Aspen & Pine trees and come from our milling operation in Southern Colorado, compressed into 3 cubic foot bags. They come 40 bags to a pallet, 24 to 26 pallets per truckload.
Unlike other animal bedding companies, we control the entire process from harvest to delivery, allowing us to deliver consistent value and quality to our customers.

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